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Mindfulness for Anxiety


New Clinic Available at Deep!

Mindfulness for Childbirth

  • Mindfulness can calm you down, giving you greater clarity and a more relaxed life.
  • Just changing the way you think and breathe can change your whole life. It helps you to calm down, relieving anxiety and giving you greater clarity.

Want to know more?

Mindfulness for Childbirth event at Deep with Sue Hinder. Mindfulness is simply being aware of the present moment which creates calm. You're not living in the past with old hurts or anxious about the future with  ' What if? What if?'  Come and find out how Mindfulness can help you, your baby and your birthing partner in pregnancy and childbirth - however you plan to give birth.
Tuesday 03rd July 2018
7.30 9 pm
Cost: 10

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To book your place contact Sue on 01200 440912 or 07966 699 326 (WhatsApp) or

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