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YonKa Body Spa Treatments


YonKa- Aroma Luxe Body Massage60 mins
This marvellous relaxing treatment frees your body from stress replacing it with a soothing calm. For one hour, you will be massaged from head to toe, energised or relaxed according to your needs, in a balancing atmosphere full of essential oils of lavender, basilic, verbena and more. Discover a state of total harmony with natures purest aromas and one of mans oldest therapies.

YonKa- Aroma Luxe Back massage30 mins
Working purely on the back, neck & shoulder area to relieve tension and stress.

YonKa Candle Full Body Massage- 60 mins
Succumb to the pleasure of Yon-Ka’s exceptional new Massage Oil Candle treatment
This sensual, relaxing new body treatment is a complete head-to-toe massage that allows you drift into a total state of total relaxation for one blissful hour. Once lit, the Massage Oil Candle creates a subtle halo of light to create a sensual and calming atmosphere,. The warmed pure essential oils and plant butters are then trickled over your body and massaged to create a truly unique and amazing pampering experience.

YonKa Candle Back Massage- 30 mins
Working purely on the back, neck & shoulder area to relieve tension and stress.


Gommage Marin-Toning Body Polish - 30 min
Your body also deserves the best care possible to remain young smooth and firm. The first essential step consists of a thorough exfoliation treatment that leaves your skin soft and satin smooth. A true concentrate of Guérande sea salt and Breton algae, this energising scrub with exfoliating grains is enriched with essential oils of verbena, rosemary and petit grain. Body care rich in sensations that will leave you relaxed and full of renewed energy.

Soin Velours-Moisturising Body Polish Treatment – Invigorating or Relaxing – 60 mins
A full body treatment for satin soft skin using exfoliating grains. You'll love the marine salt with it's energising properties. The treatment concludes with a long, gentle massage with a fine, vitamin-enriched aromatic oil to provide you with its soothing or stimulating scents and leaves your skin as soft as velvet.


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