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Could you have a food intolerance?


Could you have a food intolerance?

Food intolerances are not life threatening but the symptoms can be debilitating and
can affect your health and quality of life.
Symptoms can present within hours of eating or drinking or they can be delayed for
up to 48 hours and last for hours or even days, making it extremely difficult to work
out which food or foods are the culprit.
There may be other reasons why youíre intolerant to certain foods like the addition of
artificial flavouring and colours, the use of msg and other flavour enhancers, sulphites
and chemicals such as artificial sweeteners and caffeine.
Symptoms vary but mostly involve the digestive tract, the skin and the respiratory
system. So if you suffer with constipation, diarrhoea, abdominal cramps, acid reflux,
skin rashes, fatigue, headaches, anxiety, depression then itís possible that you could
have a food intolerance.
If you do suffer with any of these symptoms then you could benefit from an hourís
allergy test. Itís painless, non-invasive and the results are instant. You will leave with
your own elimination diet plan with plenty of information on what to leave out and
what to substitute with. The test will also include a vitamin and mineral check. Itís
advisable to have a retest after 8-10 weeks to check progress and to ensure the re-
introduction of foods into your diet.
The test takes approx 1 hour and is £65.

For more information or to book a test call 07914 898131 or email

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