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Facial Student Starter Kit includes:

The calming range is for sensitive skin it includes 1 of each:
Calming mask 95ml
Calming exfoliator 95ml
Calming cleanser 195ml
Calming toner 195ml
Calming moisturiser 195ml

The hydrating range is for normal to dry skin it Includes 1 of each:
Hydrating mask 95ml
Hydrating exfoliator 95ml
Hydrating cleanser 195ml
Hydrating toner 195ml
Hydrating moisturiser 195ml

The rebalancing range is for oily/combination skin it Includes 1 of each:
Rebalancing mask 95ml
Rebalancing exfoliator 95ml
Rebalancing cleanser 195ml
Rebalancing toner 195ml
Rebalancing moisturiser 195ml

Price for all 3 skin types £60.00 

Yonka Facial Kits include: 

Yonka Lait Nettoyant
Yonka Lotion Ps
Yonka Lotion Pg
Yonka Gommage 305
Yonka Vital Defense
Yonka Mask 103
Yonka Mask No 1
Yonka Serum

The kits are available in these 2 sizes

Retail Size Price £196.99

Professional Size Price £234.99*

*please note that the Lotions in the Professional Kit are retail size as the donít do them in a professional size*

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