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Podiatrist Clinic

Consultation Dates are:

Tuesday Evenings from 4.30 pm

Fridays 9am - 5pm

Caroline Smith BsC (Hons) Podiatry.MChS 

Caroline graduated from the university of Salford in 2012 and has since provided high quality podiatry/chiropody services across both the NHS and private sector.   

Caroline is fully insured, an accredited member of the society of chiropodists and Podiatrists and state registered with the health and care professions council. 

Caroline is able to offer a number of treatments to help combat a range a foot related concerns including:

Treatment list

Initial patient assessment and consultation - 35 an extended appointment is required for all new patients in order to assess your feet, take note of your medical history and note down any medication.

Simple nail cutting 20 (20 minutes) An ideal treatment if you need help cutting your nails. Your nails with be cut, filed, cleared and any thickness reduced.

Extended nail care  28  (30 minutes) If your nails require a bit more attention i.e if they are very thick or you have any ingrowing toenails which require treatment then an extended appointment may be necessary.  

Routine Podiatry - 30 (30 minutes) During this treatment your nails will be cut, filed, cleared, any thickness reduced and nail concerns addressed. Corns and hard skin will be treated painlessly and skin will be smoothed with a file and burr. To finish, foot cream will be applied.

Verruca treatments (from 20 minutes, time various according to number of verruca)

An initial consultation appointment is required in order to assess the foot and decide which treatment is most appropriate.

  • Silver nitrate application 20 per application silver nitrate is a caustic which is applied to the verruca every 2 weeks for up to 6 applications. Any overlying hard skin is reduced prior to application and a dressing is applied following treatment.
  • Cryotherapy 40 for first application, 35 for any subsequent applications Cryotherapy involves using very cold temperatures to destroy the verruca. After an initial treatment, the area will be reviewed after 3-4 weeks, up to 3 applications may be required.

Diabetic foot assessment (30 minutes ) 40 Using specialist techniques the foot is screened and the patients risk of developing diabetes related complications assessed. A Doppler is used to assess circulation and sensation will be looked at in detail.


To make an appointment please contact Caroline directly via phone or email on;

Telephone Number - 07946636172

Facebook - @carolinesmithpodiatry 

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