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Counselling with Mindfulness for Anxiety


Counselling with Mindfulness

Emotional Therapeutic Counselling combined with Mindfulness provides a way of dealing with emotional issues whilst learning techniques that help you stay calm.


Sue qualified as an Emotional Therapeutic Counsellor over 20 years ago and has helped many people to unravel issues that have an impact on their life now, causing anxiety and depression. The counselling includes positive ways forward to create a calmer and more enjoyable life. In 2018, she completed specialised training in therapy for people who have experienced boarding school. This is a unique circumstance with issues very different to a non-boarding school life.

Sue has a PhD in health services research and discovered Mindfulness through her work evaluating an NHS Mindfulness course for people in drug and alcohol recovery and a course for Department of Health civil servants.  She saw for herself the amazing benefits on people’s health and happiness. She completed Mindfulness teacher training with Shamash Alidina, author of Mindfulness for Dummies and The Mindful Way Through Stress in 2014.

Sue currently researches health technology for the University of Oxford and Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital.

Cost: Introductory offer £45 for 90 minutes session

Mindfulness for Well-Being

Mindfulness teaches us to be more aware of the present moment rather than living in the past which may cause depression or living constantly in the future worrying about ‘What if? what if?’.  

The main technique used to help us become aware of the present is focusing on the breath. There are lots of other easy techniques that you can integrate into your everyday life that will help you feel calmer.

There is lots of research demonstrating the effectiveness of Mindfulness all aspects of life, most notably the research demonstrating that Mindfulness is as effective as medication for depression (The Lancet, April 2015)

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