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Elemis In-Transit Guide To Skincare

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Take advice from the experts! Elemis tell you how to safeguard your skin when you're travelling....

Vacations, staycations, road trips or glamping. Whether we’re staying at home or going abroad, August is typically the month when we travel – and it’s our skin that so often pays the price. So follow our troubleshooting guide to maintaining your skin in transit – and your complexion will love holidays as much as you do.

By plane 

The problem: Dehydration and lacklustre skin. The solution: We all know that dry, recycled aeroplane air seems to suck the moisture from skin. So pop Elemis Rehydrating Rosepetal Cleanser, Elemis Rehydrating Ginnseng Toner, Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel, Elemis Hydra-Boost Day Cream Normal and Elemis Hydra Nourish Night Cream some come in sizes that fall below the 100ml mark limit – in your hand luggage. 


By car The problem: Sunburn and pigmentation. The solution: The power of the sun can be deceptive when you’re driving around in an air conditioned car for long periods of time – so you arrive at your destination looking burnt with tell-tale dark patches of pigmentation. Be sure to reapply Elemis Liquid Layer SPF 30 often – then repair that damage with the Elemis White Brightening Even Tone Serum morning and night.

By train The problem: Breakouts The solution: There’s no nice way of saying this: public transport is riddled with germs. Touch something and you can easily transfer bacteria to your skin next time your hands come into contact with it – with the result of unsightly breakouts. Gently and effectively remove the day’s grime and make-up with Elemis Smart Cleanse Micellar Water – then purify and rebalance skin with the Elemis Herbal Lavender Repair Mask twice a week.

On foot The problem: Sensitivity and dryness. The solution: Wherever you go, holidays can involve a lot of walking – to the beach, in the wilds of the British countryside, around a city. Yet walking around in the great outdoors can take its toll on your skin. Wearing SPF is a given – but as well as the sun, there’s pollution, wind and changeable weather conditions to consider – all of which can leave your skin dry and sensitive. So arm yourself with Elemis Liquid Layer SPF 30 – plus pack the Elemis Hydra-Boost Sensitive Day Cream.



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