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New From Yonka!!


New from Yonka!! As specialists in totally customized skincare products, Yon-Ka meets each specific beauty concern with its BOOSTERS. Ultra-concentrated in natural ingredients, each booster elevates the daily moisturizer and provides your skin with the precious elements adapted to your specific skin care needs.

Yonka Defense +

This gentle and nourishing oil, rich in anti-oxidant ingredients, protects the skin against drying environmental aggressors and helps prevent early signs of aging. 

For who?

- Signs of aging (wrinkles)

- Exposure to environmental agressions (UV rays, stress, smoking, pollution)

The skin is stronger, better protected and shows renewed radiance.

Yonka Nutri +

This ultra-energetic oil nourishes and revitalizes all skin types and ages that are weakened, whether dry or oily.

For who?

- Sensations of discomfort, tautness

- Peeling skin

- Dull, tired skin

- Weakened skin (sun, cold, treatments)

The skin lights up, recovering its suppleness, tone, and vitality.

Yonka Hydra +

This super-hydrating solution diminishes rough spots and the feeling of tautness.

For who?

- Sensations of discomfort

- Tautness

- Dull skin lacking radiance

Softened and comforted, the skin quickly recovers its natural glow.

Yonka Lift +

This rosemary-based solution provides first-rate firmness reinforcement for skin that lacks energy.

For who?

- Slackened facial contour

- Lack of tone

- Major weight loss

The skin is visibly smoother, firmer, the shape of face and neck seems redefined.

Buy all these fantastic new Yonka products from our online shop.

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