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New Life Elixirs From Elemis

Five aromatics created to tune in to your ever changing needs, each one intricately blended with up to 19 essential oils, and designed to support you throughout your day.
Letís take a closer look and see which one resonates with you...
All LIFE ELIXIRS are available as Bath & Shower Elixirs, Scented Candles and Perfume Oils.


When the pressure of life takes over, itís time to stop and take stock. Create an oasis of calm and some sanctuary for the mind. Face your day at the speed you choose, not the speed the world expects.

Bring yourself back into the moment with this soothing and hypnotic blend of aromatics. Rosewood helps to lift your spirits, Clary Sage encourages calm, while Lavandin works to unwind and relax.

Settle the mind. Let the quiet in..


The day is yours. When life gets too loud, clear your mind and invigorate your sense of self.

Energising Bitter Orange, refreshing Cardamom and warming Ginger work together amidst a balancing blend of awakening essential oils to sharpen your concentration. Breathe in the breeze of change.

Take on your day, or evening, with awareness and confidence..


Donít underestimate the power you hold within. Flow across the obstacles that come your way. Root yourself in the earth and know that you can take whateverís coming. Empower your spirit.

You have all the strength you need Ė now is the time to release it. Find your inner resolve.

Ylang Ylang anchors you, while Cedarwood harmonises. Geranium restores your centre and encourages confidence.

Feel grounded, determined and strong to the core..


Feel the thrill and dive straight into the heart of lifeís opportunities with this sensual blend of heady aromatics. Fall in love with the sense of liberation.

The beautiful combination of warming Vetiver, sweet Frankincense and deep, potent Rose Pepper inspires a sense of adventure.

Channel that energy and nothing can stop you..


Leave your day behind and prepare to step peacefully into the bliss of a good nightís sleep. Wrap yourself in a blanket of calm. Look forward, not back.

Channel the knowledge that wonderful things are on your horizon. With PatchouliElemi and Palmarosa, relax, unwind your busy mind and reset your inner rhythm.

Switch off your mind and release yourself into the safe hands of deep, restful, restorative sleep..

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