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Elemis Life Elixirs Clarity & Sleep Wellbeing Duo

Elemis Life Elixirs Clarity & Sleep Wellbeing Duo


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Product Info

Elemis Life Elixirs Clarity & Sleep Wellbeing Duo

Clarity is an invigorating blend containing Bitter Orange, Cardamom and Ginger, to help support mindfulness, clear thinking and awareness.

Sleep is a deeply relaxing blend containing Patchouli, Elemi and Palmarosa, proven* to leave you feeling well rested.

Clarity Bath & Shower Elixir 10ml

Sleep Bath & Shower Elixir 10ml

*Independent User Trials of the Sleep Bath & Shower Elixir aroma based on 60 people over 1 week.


Bath and Shower Elixirs  Can I use when pregnant?

These have been expertly formulated with a unique complex of 4 beautiful oils consisting of Bacuri, Amaranth, Sweet Almond and Poppy Seed, blended with up to 19 essential oils for maximum skin health. This complex synergy does not use single, high concentrations of any one essential oil, it is all about the total blend. However, as a precaution, ELEMIS would recommend not to use during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, we highly recommend Japanese Camellia Body Oil Blend and Skin Nourishing Milk Bath to nourish and hydrate, improve elasticity of the skin and nurture the body.

Perfume Oils  Can I use when pregnant?

Yes, these can be used during pregnancy.

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